Who Is This Person?

by mysisterisajunkie

I don’t recognise my sister any more.

It’s not just the half shaved head, “hippie” clothes and chalky skin.

I don’t recognise the words that come out her mouth, the violence in her words, the hate in her eyes. She plays nice with my parents. Nice until she asks for money and they (finally, sometimes) say no. Then she’ll explode. She’ll call my mother a fucking bitch, a miserable control freak. She’ll say she fucking hates her. That it’s her fault she got raped. She’s less verbally violent with my dad, probably because he used to have his own anger. But she’s still mean.

She’s threatening to sell her stuff (what does she even have left?) or her body on the street corner if my parents don’t give her (more) money (she’s 30 years old and my dad still gives her R200 a week, still gives her a tank of petrol a month, still pays her medical aid). She says she’s starving. She got a dog. A fucking dog when she can’t afford to feed herself.

She asked my dad for petrol money on Sunday. He deposited R450 into her account, She says it didn’t even fill the tank. Then she says she spent R450 on dog food. She only had R650. Nothing adds up.

Its just lies with her. You can’t believe a word she says because she lies almost all the time. Every word is just a strategy to get what she wants.

This person has my sister’s skin. But she is not my sister.